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Life Insurance
Life Protection for Groups and Individuals is provided based on your Individual needs.
Tailored-made plans are available and includes :

- Term-Life
- Investment-Linked Plans
- U-Life Policies
- Group Life Policies
- Disability Income Plans
- Critical Illness Plans
- Children Education Plans


E-mediTop Plan - Online

(1) New Benefit

Post Operation Treatment – HK$2,000 per year limit after deductible subject to overall annual limit

(2) Special Plan Features added
1. Post Operation Treatment
2. No concurrent medical policy is required

Enjoy Full Protection from "E-mediTop"
With the Deductible that Complements Your Existing Cover

E-mediTop is an individual top up hospital plan to supplement your employer's group medical plan at affordable cost. It well protects you and your family from the ever rising medical expenses on chronic or critical illness.

Plan Features:

Annual Hospitalization Benefit up to HK$1,000,000
Extended to Cover Outpatient Oncology Treatment
Full Refund for All Hospital Expenses After Deductible
Renewable up to Age 100
With the Deductible that Complements Your Existing Cover
Premium as low as HK$2 per day

* Note: All Pre-existing medical conditions are


Overseas Education Protection

Living in a time of unparalleled globalization, you undoubtedly wish to enable your next generation to have the opportunity to enjoy the best possible education. The available choices now cross boundaries with overseas education institutions becoming the preferred option for many families.

Protection for your child against ill-health and accident while studying in overseas institutions is surely a key concern, so a wide-ranging insurance plan that provides full protection against uncertainty is crucial. This “Overseas Education Protection” not only provides financial protection against ill-health and accident, but also against damage to property and other unexpected losses. Additionally the Plan provides 24-hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance whenever your child needs it – meaning that you can rest assured that they will be prepared for any eventualities.

Benefit Highlights
15% discount for new and all subsequent renewals
24-hour worldwide emergency assistance service
24-hour cover while studying abroad
High Medical Expenses limit up to HK$1,200,000
Amateur sports cover
Education Fund Benefit
Personal legal liability
Zero excess


Decor Protection

Comprehensive Protection for Interior Decoration.


Working Holiday Insurance

Working Holiday Scheme is a bilaterial agreement signed between the Government of the HKSAR and the goverment of different countries which allows Hong Kong Young peop;e to stay and take up a short-term employment in these countries.


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